Dr. Zeina Ghossoub was awarded the Middle East World Leadership for women

On December 10th, 2020, Dr. Zeina Ghossoub was awarded the Middle East World Leadership for women.

From their website, the World Women Leadership Congress is an international organization that intends to:

  • Encourage the various private and public sectors to promote women leaders.
  • Support the women empowerment strategy to activate and accelerate the role of working women in various institutions through various initiatives.
  • Highlight the achievements of women leaders and appraise their success in regional and global leadership.
  • Encouraging, inspiring, and urging the young women generation to assume leadership positions to support the national and regional economy.
  • Recognize the high-level achievements of women as leaders, executives, and decision makers.
  • Draw the attention of senior leaders of various institutions towards the role of women in the development of society and urge them to support this cause by building constructive ideas and implementing modern technologies.

The award was presented based on her past achievements and accomplishments and the future direction of her efforts and passion. Zeina’s work, especially with women, and as a highly accomplished woman/mother/professional in her fields of nutrition and dietetics, human behavior and counseling, life and wellness coaching, executive coaching and mentoring, and humanitarian efforts that aim to combat hunger among poverty stricken families have led to this prestigious recognition.

            VSVS (or Vie Saine) is proud and honored to have her as a founding member, as our Chief Wellness Officer, and as our heart and soul. She is a remarkable woman not in her achievements, but in who she is: Humble, passionate, dedicated, supportive, accomplished, focused, and relentless in her passion and pursuit of her purpose: To help and serve others.

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