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Patient Satisfaction Starts with Physician Satisfaction

 Burnout —- Less Will Power —- Loss of IQ points and Will Power —-Frustration —- Poor decisions, Poor Pt Communication Solution Sequence Burnout —- Develop Emotional Intelligence and Wellness skills —- Remain Satisfied—- Calm, collected and focused —- Good decisions, Good Pt Communication  Fact: We have a crisis today in our medical field. Even though among the most well educated and highly trained professionals, a deep problem is brewing for them.

  • Over 50% of physicians report symptoms of burnout.
  • Burned-out doctors make more mistakes.
  • Burned out doctors are less happy and influence the whole staff and patients
  • Burnout directly and negatively impacts patient satisfaction
The data is staggering in this field. Really what is more impressive is the lack of initiative taken to deal with it and correct it. Only now are professionals and leaders realizing the relationship and how affecting it positively has a tremendous impact on the industry. The approach to burnout falls under two main categories: A-   Dealing with the antecedent “outside” factors B-    Helping physicians cope, becoming more resilient, and developing new tools and skills to enjoy the practice of medicine again. At Vital Signs Vital Skills, we have focused on the second category. We are firm believers that life is not what happens to you only, it is what you make of it. By training and educating physicians and nurses on burnout, and giving them tools to enjoy their sacred profession, withstand the relentless assault on their profession, and improve their professional performance, not only are they benefiting, but so are their patients. It is not a cliché. It is a fact. Patient Satisfaction Starts with Healthcare Provider Satisfaction!]]>

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