Workshops are a platform for learning and gaining experience through a shared medium.
All workshops have three things in common: Interactive, evidence based, and hands on.
VSVS has pioneered workshops in healthcare delivering several topics to its participants that deal with:

    1. Burnout: Tackling the pandemic of burnout in the healthcare industry through our AAA approach: Awareness, Acknowledgement and Assessment, and Action.
    2. Self-leadership and leading others: Individualizing approaches on strengths, communication, self-management, teamwork, and collaboration.
    3. Residency training: Meeting the challenges of residency training and helping in excelling in the ACGME competencies through coaching, emotional intelligence, self-care and wellness.
    4. Self-care and wellness: Tackling perhaps the most important determinant of peak healthcare performance through highlighting its unique challenges and benefits.
    5. Coaching: Developing coaching skills to enhance performance; training managers as coaches and physicians as coaches
    6. Emotional intelligence: Enhancing emotional intelligence by bringing together neuroscience, positive psychology, assessment tools, and best practices.
    7. Resilience: Offering theoretical and practical applications that help develop skills and abilities to adapt and thrive in this ever changing, dynamic, and sometimes challenging world

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